Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Two paint jobs in progress

The white one is the green step-through 3-speed cruiser from a previous post! It's in "Recreational White" which is basically a white-ish cream. It's glossy but not glossy enough - so right now it's between clear coats. This baby's been put on-hold while I fast-track a couple of racing frames that already have buyers.

And the orange one is an experiment! I found it on garbage day just down the block, as-is. No wheels, no seat, just a frame, and I thought: Perfect. I shall use this to experiment with using fluorescent marker orange. I didn't bother to cover anything up on this baby. Even the chain is getting painted. Mechanical movement will rub off the excess paint and I'll find out whether that's a structurally-sound way to paint in the future. It's also between clear coats. The marker paint is not so stable, so I'm hoping that the clear coats will seal it down and keep it robust. This took two cans of marker paint (big cans) and there are a couple scratched-off spots (I can't handle this carefully enough!) so it might take a third!

I'm planning on replacing the grips with old belts wrapped around the bars! I've been wanting to try this for awhile. I wrapped belts around my own bike's top tube so that I could carry it more easily and it's so comfortable to hold that I can't wait to try it for grips! This bike will be suitable for a very small person.

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