Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The purple road bike and the white fold-up

That there in the back is a gorgeous CCM Concorde in great shape. No repainting needed! It doesn't even need any steel wool work done, which is a relief - I'm sick of stripping and painting for now! I found some great steel wheels for it, complete with perfect tires. They're just in the sweet spot between road tires (too dainty) and hybrid tires (too beefy), and they've got some tread to them for grass but they're perfectly smooth on the road. I could have found aluminum rims to match the ultralight frame, but I'm sticking with my steel-for-real mentality, and I think it's going to offer the perfect amount of suspension and momentum. I don't want to make bikes that are too skittish!

And in front, we have a lovely Universal folding bike. What a gem! This baby just needs the front brake re-attached and the 3-speed hub fixed. Right now it's stuck in low gear. I hear that you're allowed to ride on sidewalks with these babies because of their small tire size - a rumor I'll have to investigate. Seems like the only way to find out the truth about that would be to go to court over it - even the police don't know or don't want to tell the truth about the laws, depending on which one you talk to. Sometimes they'll admit to not knowing about the law, and sometimes they'll just lie to cover up their ignorance, but when it comes to cycling bylaws, they're not really concerned with accuracy, so it's anyone's best guess what we're supposed to be doing out there. This is the only one of these bikes where I may just leave the rack on. I'm not sure. We'll see how it wants to be ridden when the gears work again.

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