Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Raleigh Supreme Step-through 3-speed cruiser

This is the last anyone will see of this bike in its previous form. In retrospect, I wonder whether I should have just clearcoated over this green. When I was taking off the surface to prepare it for painting, it turned a nicer green before I hit the primer, but I couldn't manage to get a consistency over the whole surface so I decided to just take it down to the primer and go from there. Now it's in the process of becoming cream and lime green. Very 2005.

I removed the rear rack and side basket, found a seat, and what I have to do after I finish painting it is fix one of the speeds in the 3-speed rear hub. Fixing 3-speed hubs is my next learning experience! Now I have two of them to deal with. I want to build racing bikes with them, so you get a classic road bike with the three gears that you need for commuting but without the derailers!

If I were to put it back together and sell it without doing anything else to it, it'd be just under $200. It's got about another $50 - $100 worth of work pending.

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