Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More bikes on the build!

Just behold all this cycling goodness in the making!

Here we have, from back to front in the pile:

An old crackmobile of a mountain bike, just needs a tune-up and some cleaning up, and I'm going to cut them big wide bars down to city-size. Maybe I'll put some faster tires on it too, might turn it into a single-speed if it's fast enough, but hey, this could be my one and only mountain bike for people who want to trek through high park and do some offroading by the tracks or something.

That camouflage craziness on the next frame is actually tape. Somebody wrapped this monster, then dumped it next to a park near my place. I found some awesome big balloon smooth tires for it, rehabilitated the heck out of the drive train, and now I'm doing the same thing with the brakes. This is going to be the ultimate macho hybrid. Underneath it's red. I can't decide whether to remove the tape, I kind of like it!

The weird blue cruiser thing got converted in a very strange way, and I'm planning on stripping it down and turning it into a proper cruiser. I'm not even sure what tires this frame was designed for!

And finally, the superstar of the bunch: This Brentwood Hustler is another rescued-from-the-trash item that came with some great (after the rust was removed) rims with white-walled tires. The frame has a lot of rust damage, so this is going to teach me how to deal with that. My strategy is to aggressively sand through all the rust spots, then use rust converter or just get down to the bare metal, and then prime and paint those spots so that it's kind of spotted, like a leopard! I have a buddy who I think will suit this bike perfectly, so we'll see how he feels about the colour. It's gonna be a classic worthless, fast, sturdy road bike when I'm done with it.

Update: About half these bikes got fixed up and sold, and the other half got donated to Bike Pirates. So you may see these cruising around the streets of Toronto!

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